We want to introduce you to our Elected Officials, and give you information about their duties and responsibilities. Please note the "CITY ORDINANCES" area we have provided for your convenience.

Honorable Mayor Dillo Bush...

Clerk Treasurer Dillo Bush

Mayor Dillo Bush was sworn in for his first term in 2016.

Mayoral Duties and Responsibilities...

The mayor is the executive official, and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the City of Austin. Pursuant to Indiana statute, the mayor’s responsibilities include:

  • Enforcement of the ordinances of the city and the statutes of the state;
  • Providing a statement of the finances and general condition of the city to the city legislative body at least once a year;
  • Providing any information regarding city affairs that the legislative body requests;
  • Recommending, in writing, to the legislative body actions that the executive considers proper;
  • Calling special meetings of the legislative body when necessary;
  • Supervising subordinate officers;
  • Ensuring efficient government of the city;
  • Filling vacancies in city offices when required;
  • Signing all bonds, deeds, and contracts of the city and all licenses issued by the city; and
  • The approval or veto of ordinances, orders, and resolutions of the city council.




Clerk Treasurer Christopher Fugate...

Clerk Treasurer Dillo Bush

Clerk Treasurer Christopher Fugate was sworn in for his first term in 2016.

Clerk Treasurer Duties and Responsibilities...

The Austin, Indiana Clerk Treasurer is elected every four years at the same time as the City Mayor and City Council.  The Clerk-Treasurer is responsible for the overall collection and disbursement of funds, the administration of the accounting system, the signing of checks, the city seal, and serves as the investment coordinator for the municipal treasury.  The Clerk-Treasurer also oversees payroll and accounts payable and serves as clerk of the Common Council and Board of Public Works and Safety by attending meetings, preparing agendas and recording proceedings.

The Clerk Treasurer’s responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining all City records;
  • All City funds;
  • Maintaining fixed asset records for the City;
  • Attending and recording minutes of the Common Council and Board of Public Works meetings;
  • Preparing and filing legal notices, budgets, ordinances and resolutions;
  • Annual audits by the State Board of Accounts;
  • City and utility financial statements;
  • Pays all City taxes (i.e. payroll, gross income, and sales taxes);
  • All revenues collected by the City and the utilities;
  • Responsible for all expenditures for the City and the utilities;
  • Maintains and coordinates all computer-technology needs to perform duties;
  • Utility billing, city invoicing, processing and verifying purchase orders.




The Austin, Indiana City Council...

  • Brandon White- President, Precinct 1
  • Greg Goodin - Precinct 3
  • Johnnie White - Precinct 2
  • Staci Mullins - At Large
  • Joe Smith - At Large

City Council Duties and Responsibilities...

Members of the city council are part-time elected officials who serve for four years and can run for re-election as often as they wish.  As a legislative body, the council exercises many of the powers given cities through the passage of ordinances and appropriation of money. The following is a list of what the council may do and requirements one must meet to be a city council person:

  • authority to fix the annual salaries of all elected officials
  • authority to fix annually the salaries of members of the police and fire departments.
  • authority to reduce, but not to increase, any other items in the city budget as submitted by the mayor for its approval.
  • if elected to a district he or she must have been a resident of that district for at least six months and a resident of the city for at least one year
  • if he or she moves from the district or from the city, the person forfeits the office

The council also has the power to form committees, either standing or special, to aid them in the completion of their work. Standing committees are permanent committees, set up at the beginning of the term of office, and to which are referred all matters relating to specific subjects. Special committees are temporary and are set up to handle a special subject and are discharged when the issue is settled. The council issues resolutions and ordinances.




City Ordinances...

The City of Austin, Indiana is proud to provide the community with easy access to the Austin, Indiana Code of Ordinances. We are utilizing American Legal Publishing Corporation©

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