History of Austin

Austin, Indiana has a rich and storied history. Since it’s establishment on May 3rd, 1853, and even before, the events that colored development of our city can inspire and intrigue. This is where Morris Sarver envisioned a town built around the railroad, where the Morgans built their legacy, where 106 men picked up arms and joined the fight during the Civil War, where Axis POWs spent their time in captivity while WWII raged on, and more. There is so much to learn about the City of Austin.

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Read about how Austin was founded, about one of the men that built the town, how life was during the 1800s, and more.

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Civil War

Read about the men who enlisted into the Union Army, about Aaron Cutshall, the rediscovering of unknown soldier graves, and view the list of Austin locals that served in the war.

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Morgan Foods

Read about the founding of the company and about the family that ran it.

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Read about Camp Austin and  Johann Reitner, a former German POW, and his experience as a prisoner.

Photo Gallery

We certainly hope you enjoy the photos presented here. I have to give complete credit and thanks to Austin, Indiana native Mike Barrett, who created The Austin Indiana History Website. His exhaustive research provided the photos and the terrific information that reveals the story behind each image. Our goal will be to add new photos as more are submitted and discovered.